it’s sunny out 
getting in a better mood just cause of some sun and some music
I wanna eat pizza
I wanna hold hands
I wanna sing along loudly to this album
I wanna dance around to this album
I wanna have sex to this album
I wanna make things with my hands
I wanna take photos real close to the skin
I wanna run around outside and laugh
I wanna kiss in the rain
I wanna roll down a hill
I wanna bake a cake
I wanna eat that cake and watch tv series
I wanna go on a date 
I wanna see the Lego movie
I wanna have brunch in a cute little place
I wanna make smoothies
I wanna have a picknick
I wanna go swimming in the sea
I wanna go walking in the forest
I wanna sleep under the stars
I wanna be stress free, with no deadlines, no money problems, no worries
Even if there’s nobody there. Even if 90% of the time I’m sad. Even if it’s just me and my stupid brain.
I need to start doing some living. Need to stop letting the sadness win.
Even if that last point on the list is hard to achieve. Maybe one day.

Yesterday was so, soo, sooo good. The past 3 weeks actually have been pretty amazing. I suddenly realised that quite a few things on this list happened, and now I’m all warm in the stomach. Aaahhh…
I’m not too sad, I want the excitement to win. Excitement to see Menzingers with a cutieface!! Yeah! BUT FIRST!!! LONDON!!!!!
passive aggressive stab of the day

being vegan straight edge doesn’t automatically make you a good person

you’re a fucking stupid sexist misogynistic asshole

no wonder you can’t get a girlfriend

oh, snap

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I got tagged by theanimationthefits' cutie face!

tell us 15 things that make you happy ! ! 。◕‿◕。 ♡

1. rays
2. mermaids & unicorns & mernicorns
3. my friends
4. vegan food, mostly yofu!
5. herbal tea~
6. tattoos
7. {live} music
8. close contact
9. talking & learning about Linguistics
10. Lolitaaaaaaa
11. cute shit!!!
12. sparkles
13. Disney things
14. going on adventures
15. when you take SURPRISINGLY NICE pictures

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"Het zijn skirre tijden”
I dyed my hair this week, and my sunglasses broke U_U
I like bands because I like music.


I don’t like bands because they are female fronted.

I don’t like bands because they are male fronted.

I don’t like bands because they are all female.

I don’t like bands because they are all male.

I like bands because they sing about love.

I like bands because they sing about anger.

I like bands because they sing about joy.

I like bands that play music.

I am sick of seeing people bitch about bands just because they do one thing or another.

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I’ll update guys, I promise. I just don’t have it in me today.

I hope you’re taking care of you! 

I just wanted to type smth that was gonna be too long in message but my dad said he looked it up and legally they’re just so in the wrong. You’re only supposed to work 8 hours a day, maximum of 30 hours a week and do LIGHT house tasks. The whole point of au pairing is cultural exchange.

Not to get a cheap maid. They’re abusing their power and they should be held accountable for it.

I asked if you could go to a Juridisch Loket or something like that and if they would help because you’re not from here and he said they would, totally. These people are in the wrong and you can get help. You are welcome to stay with us, seriously, I’m not just saying this, I’m just worried for your safety and wellbeing and my dad feels the same. There’s an extra bed and everything and no house tasks to do because we just do our own laundry ;) seriously if you need to get away, you have my number.

There’s information in here too about a meldpunt, if you need me to call them to speak in Dutch or whatever, I would gladly do that for you, seriously. I had the impression you just contacted the agency and they were also being rubbish, but if you’ve already contacted the meldpunt then apologies - I just think it’s a good idea to get these people banned from having au pairs. ugh.

[edit oh oops got the hours wrong. still. I looked at your thingie and they’re still doing it wrong]

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Anonymous said: could fucking nancy please tell me how to be as confident as she is about herself?



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Lagoon Locals 
The cockpit in Leeds has closed down.


I genuinely don’t know how to feel about this. In recent years I was not its biggest fan (for club nights) but it served me very well during my uni years. We’d go a couple of times a week for several years.
It’s the reason I am friends with a very large chunk of the people I have been lucky enough to meet over the 8 years I’ve lived in Leeds.
It’s the reason I’ve seen so many bands.
I’ll never forget the dancing, the stage diving, the mic stealing, the stage invasions, the crowd surfing, the falling over (repeatedly), the moments of pure joy with my friends and the truly awful vodka.

Thank you cockpit, you will be missed.

the first time I went to Cockpit was with Alex’ birthday about a week after I broke off my 6,5 year relationship and everyone was in the shitty room and Alex wasn’t even there and I was like THERE’S THIS WHOLE OTHER ROOM AND THEY’RE PLAYING AOF AND BATS?!?! WHY IS EVERYONE IN THE SHIT ROOM and so then I was just by myself screaming along to Brand New like thinking ~wow UK you’re so full of cool places where there’s a clubnight with my music!!!~ and also I made out with some guy and took him home and this is important do not forget about tripod dude. Later I found out that Mike was stuck in the other room but he told me "there’s another night on and it’s pop punk and it’s so much better, you’ll love it, come to that!!" 

so a few weeks later I came to that other night in Cockpit and I only knew Mike and he introduced me to all his friends because he’s a sweetheart <3 and we had so much fun and we screamed along with Wonder Years and New Found Glory and my heart was like, thank you UK

after this initial getting-to-know-Cockpit period we went back there occasionally and it was fun and there were some good times including Cancer Bats gig, Reel Big Fish gig, Menzingers gig, Jo’s Burton birthday and Kamikaze Girls [still one of the best] and that one time I went to Cockpit with Bayside and Alkaline Trio four months ago and ran into tripod dude again and then also the very last time I went to Cockpit and my hair looked very 1995.

I know it’s probably not as big a list as Mike’s memories, but they’re still nice memories, and I liked Cockpit and I still think it’s sad. Sigh. Leeds, I miss you. But thnks fr th mmrs, I guess!

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A fawn licking a kitten